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Happy New Year

Hi All,

We are finally out of 2020 and what a ride it has been. My wish to you all is a very successful 2021 in whatever you do and nothing is as tough as 2020.

I have spent the best part of the year with this website. I got someone to build the basics but it’s been a learning curve once I was left to my own devices. I had to learn how to upload products, edit the pages, design the accounts page and then test to make sure it was all fit for purpose.

I’ve made it though, I opened for business on 1st January 2021 and I look forward to what it has in store in terms of current products and creating new ones.

So now the real work starts, getting the customers to buy my products haha. Whatever happens this year, it’s going to be an interesting ride.

Wishing you all the best, until the next time.


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