Our Mission

At Frimpomaa Naturals we have researched natural butters in particular Shea butter and looked at how this benefits the skin. This research has expanded into looking at the many different natural resources especially in West Africa which aides in our overall health and wellness. We are passionate about our products and we care for our customers and suppliers. Therefore we are working with cooperatives in Ghana to ensure that we receive quality material from our suppliers at a fair price and in turn our customers receive a quality product at a fair cost.

Our Vision

To bring the spirit of joy into everyday lives.


Frimpomaa Naturals skincare uses Shea Butter to provide you with protection for all ages and all skin types using only natural resources.


We started our business looking at the beauty Industry. There is a growing concern for what we put into our bodies and also the types of chemicals that can harm the exterior of ourselves. The trend is to now purchase beauty products which use 100% natural ingredients such as Shea Butter as it is naturally rich in Vitamin A, E and F, it provides UV protection and its buttery consistency which makes it ideal for the face, lips and the body.

The Shea butter industry is growing at an accelerated rate, so Frimpomaa Naturals has paired this with other natural products which aim to nourish protect, and heal the skin.


She Butter is extracted from the Nut of the Shea Tree which is found in 21 African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.

The extraction of Shea Butter is labour extensive and the nuts are usually extracted into butter manually. Sometimes called “Woman’s Gold”, for many women in these African countries Shea Butter is a family tradition with the traditional techniques handed down to their daughters.


Founded by Efia Frimpomaa, she has worked in the supply chain for over 10 years with 4 years in the cosmetics industry. She believes in the importance of producing the right product and also ensuring that that your product is produced on time. Efia is a British Born Ghanaian and it is while living in Ghana she saw the benefits of Shea Butter for the body and worked to find a formula to ensure that she could provide a product that could be used by every woman in every country.

All our products use 100% natural ingredients and free of preservatives.

Originally, our main aim was to tackle the beauty industry, however, in our quest for continuous improvement into everyday lives, we constantly evolving to researching natural remedies to suit every day needs.