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My name is Efia Frimpomaa, and I am a British born Ghanaian and hail from the Ashanti Region. In Ghana, we are mainly named after the day of the week, the Akan name for Friday is Efiada hence the female name is derived from this being Efia. In our culture too, our names come from the paternal side of the family, so the name Frimpomaa comes from my Father’s aunt.

My family has a family health history of just about everything, Diabetes, Asthma, Blood Pressure, so with that I have always looked after what I eat and drink, normally cooking from scratch (although I do like a sneaky Burger once in a while).

I hadn’t really though thought about the creams that I used until I read that 60% of what I use externally goes into the bloodstream. That’s when I started to read those labels. Even the so-called “natural” products use toxic preservatives to increase their shelf life.

So that’s when I started to look into making my own products. I had used Shea Butter in its rawer form while living in Ghana.

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However, I found with the harsh British weather it was too hard and not so easy to moisturize my skin so I looked into whipping it into a creamier form as well as pairing it with other creams and oils such as Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Almond Oil.

In addition I looked into scents which I found aromatically pleasing but also looked into how they benefit the body so that I was taking in the same nutrients externally as I try to do internally. Although my journey starts with these butters and oils, I am forever researching the benefits of the natural resources I am blessed to have in the country that I call “home”, so watch this space!!!

Finally, I read somewhere that Frimpomaa means “joyful spirit, which is befitting of this journey of which I wish to share with you. I hope with this you experience the spirit of joy.

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